About us

About us

Our leadership team has more than 90 years of collective experience in the leather goods industry.

We recognise the importance of innovating to meet the needs of modern leather goods customers. It is for this reason that we were amongst the first leather goods production businesses to cater to the smartphone case market, to add RFID credit card protection to our wallets and cardholders, and most recently, to add eco-friendly plant-based vegan leather to our range.

We believe in complete transparency, so, for example, if we receive a brief that requires alterations to improve the item's durability, we will raise this and work collaboratively to ensure the best result. 
british leather artisan making phone case wallet

Our Services

Small clients

We have a catalogue of existing product designs, and low minimum order quantities for our wide range of stock-leathers.

Large clients

We can produce your existing designs or develop new bespoke designs according to your requirements. We can also match, or use, your existing leathers.

Product personalisation and order fulfilment

To cater for our clients' modern eCommerce requirements, we can provide UK-based product personalisation and fulfilment services with 24-hour turnaround.
This allows our clients to reduce their warehouse stockholding and to greatly expand the variety of products that they offer.

Our Products

Our main focus on small leather goods. Small leather goods experience much greater 'wear and tear' conditions than other items and high product durability is essential.

Examples of the leather goods we most commonly produce are:
Wallets, keyrings, cardholders, iPhone cases, iPad cases, MacBook cases, smartwatch straps, watch straps and belts.
Small leather goods are key for the important Millennial customer market, who can make or break your brand reputation with their willingness to spread the word online about their experience.

Our expertise in this area makes us your best option for durable, long-lasting goods that will result in loyal returning customers.